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9:38AM | 2003-04-27


من اين فيلم رو خوردم ... اونم نه فقط يك بار.. بارها!!!

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11:31AM | 2003-04-26

چشمان نخفته در گور

منم اين وسط چغندرم ديگه! نميگن فيلم رو کي داددبهشون(:

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9:08PM | 2003-04-21


واااااااي !‌يادته نرديک بود به خاطرش ليوان خوشگله مونو بشکني؟!)))) چقدر از اون وقتا گذشت فرني؟!‌ John :I don't do that, Kevin. That day on the subway, what did i say? What were my words to you? "Maybe it was your time to loose." You didn't think so.

Kevin:Loose? I don't loose. I win! I win! I'm a lawyer, that's my job, that's what I do!

John: ha ha! I rest my case !!

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